Take a seat in the Boardroom

My meeting with Wim Belt changed everything. He showed me the Infrastructure for Success. And together with the lessons of Napoleon Hill, Jan Bommerez and Stephen Cofey (to name a few) and my experiences as a business coach I decided to create the online starter community for business, the Business Boardroom of Co-Creation.

Take a seat. There is always room for a new business.

Let go of non supporting habits

Create success habits, it will benefit you for live!

Stop time management, start managing your energy

A different approach for getting things done. Much easier and no stress.

Your business is as big as you are as a person

Personal development is 80% of your business succes

Don't change. Transform!

It’s a different paradigm.

If you don't know for which port you're sailing, no wind is the right one

The seven step planning formula

You win the inner game. Always!

It’s not about the competition. It’s about you!

Great entrepreneurs understand:

“Life isn’t about me. It ’s about me adding value to other people”

Are you a great entrepreneur?


Are you potentially a great entrepreneur?

At least to one of the questions, the answer should be ‘YES, We Are!

As an entrepreneur, my business is photo marketing. Produce or select photo’s that help to make the connection between the client and the customer. I have my Photostudio at a large business community called the Biotope in the Netherlands.

My business trip started with me founding DoppX Photography. As a photo marketer I love my business, I’m very visual orientated. And looking through a lens is a great joy.

Business is about leverage and I keep looking for ways of leverage that suit my purpose: adding value to other people.

One of the ways to give leverage is my job as a business coach. As a business coach, I help people with Social Security starting their own business. The government takes the bill for that: I’m a business coach paid by the government. It seems a contradiction but it works for the people I coach and it works for me ;-).

One day I spoke to a man and women who fled from a country in the middle east to the safety of the Netherlands. After they’ve settled the wanted to start a business. They had a plan and with my help the could save start-up cost up to 5 figures. I cost me hardly any effort and I was glad to be of help.

But there was one thing that kept puzzling me. Let me dive deeper in my past.

I worked as a firefighter for 7 years in the village where I had a daytime job. As a firefighter you work with a team, YOU CAN NOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN. You watch each other’s back and make sure you come back alive in one piece. Communication is vital en there’s no room to be judgemental Judgemental doesn’t help you to get anywhere. Not when you want to stay in the game!

If there is a business problem to be solved, or better, a challenge to be met? Wouldn’t it be great to use the joined entrepreneurial creativity to find solutions that no one can find alone.

The Business Boardroom of Co-Creation is a community that helps entrepreneurs to have a bigger impact in the world. Not by creating a need that my product will fill. No, a bigger impact in the way of: How can I contribute in a positive way in the lives of my fellow human beings? How can I improve the lives of my fellow human beings? How can my product or service add value to the lives of my customers and their organizations?

What you can find in the community are ways to explore your creativity, join forces with like-minded entrepreneurs, tools for joined ventures, how to set up a mastermind and invite entrepreneurs to join you in the Co-Creation Room. Learn, practice, & master it! That’s how we do it in the Business Boardroom of Co Creation. It’s all about leverage and the only way to do it is to participate. With the right relations, everything is getting done with a minimum of time and energy. This must be the beginning of a beautifull friendship

This must be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Being in the Boardroom and co-creating business is fun.

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