Do you remember as a child you made drawings connecting the dots?

I liked it. I was a surprise which animal or object magically appeared connecting the dots. In modern business it is still the case of connecting the dots but now we use email, skype, websites, meetings, webinars, courses, cell phones, letters, contracts and so on to connect the dots.

It’s all about the connection.

The capacity of the brain isn’t determined by the number of brain cells, but by the number of active connections (called neural pathways). Also our computer becomes much more valuable because of the millions of connections on the internet. Transfer that to co-creation: the brainpower will rise exponentially with the number of active connections.

We paraphrase Kevin Kelly from New rules for the new Economy (founder of the magazine Wired)

Take four acquaintances. They have between each other twelve separate one-on-one friendships. If we add a fifth member to the group the number of relations in the friend network rises to twenty. As we add a sixth member it becomes thirty and seven delivers forty-two connections.

Above ten the number rises exponentially. If the number of people is x, the total of connections is, on behalf of Law of Metcalfe, approximate x squared. For a thousand people there are a million possible relations. The magic from x squared is that for each new member a big number of possible relations emerges. You get more value then you alone add.

This is the magic of co-creation. As a member of the business boardroom of co-creation you get many times more than you can give. But because of your joining the others get also much more. A community becomes much more intelligent as it gets active connections.

So my invitation: Join the business boardroom of co-creation!

Join the business boardroom of co-creation!

Multiply your impact!

My question for you: with which entrepreneur or business would you like to make a connection?

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