The idea behind the community is quite simple. It’s an invitation to co-create among entrepreneurs. There are many different ways come to co-creation. You can start or join a mastermind group, you can participate in a joined venture, you can find a mentor, an entrepreneur who’s already been to the place where you want to be. The ins and out will be addressed in the member section of the Business Boardroom of Co-Creation. There will also be a program how you become a creator and a co-creator. Co-creation is the place where strategy, implementation, and mindset come together. And what you are missing has some else in abundance and vice-versa.

Everything becomes much easier when you realize you are part of a bigger Whole. The iconic phrase from Star Wars “May the Force be with you” has become part of the popular culture vernacular but as a matter of fact, The force is within us. Long before Star Wars & Luke Skywalker, Napoleon Hill wrote about it in his book Think & Grow Rich. This book is the foundation of this website. Let me explain the idea behind the Business Boardroom of Co-Creation.

Business: because entrepreneurs make the difference in the world

Boardroom: the online place where we meet, free to take action

Co: to get solutions nobody can find alone

Creation: Imagination is an unlimited resource

My target audience is the entrepreneur who does business online; caring, giving and contributive people.The Boardroom has a deep commitment to partnership and transformation. Success has many fathers and here at the Boardroom is the question is not or/or but and/and. Ultimately we want to help you to have more impact on the lives and businesses of the Business Boardroom Entrepreneurs and become a better entrepreneur yourself. My mission is it to provide a stage where you can multiply your impact by helping others be better entrepreneurs.

I believe we can do that together.

What is the impact you are after with your business?

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