“We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit!”


Feeling good, I like the Nina Simone song and what Michael Buble makes of it. I’m not in the habit of singing for other people. To get out of my comfort zone of not singing I accepted the challenge to sing on a stage before an audience of a 100 people. Feeling good was the song of my choice.

Long story short: me singing was an act, not a habit. But it wasn’t about the singing, it was about the experience and that was a lot of fun. The crowd supported me really good, they cheered & I got a huge applause. It was a once in a lifetime experience: probably you will never ever find a bilboard announcing me to sing.

Back to the habits. This week I went to a lunchroom where I’m a regular. I said hello and they know what I want so I don’t have to order. I sat in a corner and they totally forgot me.

Waiting to be served I was reading a book. This book inspired me for writing the About page on this site. When the would have showed up earlier I wouldn’t got the idea. So I was totally happy and when it was time to eat, I stood up said hello and then they noticed me for the second time with a big blush. I could be upset at the quality of service but I know the people, the were busy serving others. No problem with that.

When I was driving home there was a roadblock and I had to take a route I wasn’t familiar with. The detour took a bit longer and In the last minute before I reached my home I had a great Idea for a Facebook add. Without the detour I would be in another activity and that idea wouldn’t have presented itself.

So I was finally at home, writing About directly on the website and for whatever reason lost the internet connection, pressed some buttons trying to restore it and lost the document in which I was working. In the past, I would have been very very annoyed. In the present, my challenge was to do it again and this time better. And so I did.

This day was really an awesome day. Not because what happened but how I dealt with it. I was forgotten, detour costed me time, lost a file that would never come back and I simply had a GREAT day. Because my habits changed, past reactive through proactive to creative. That day was totally about creativity. And being creative is Feeling good!

“And this old world is a new world

And a bold world

For me”

and I’m feeling good.

Having success habits and developing them is part of the courses which come with the membership of the Business Boardroom of Co-Creation.

I would like to know what it is that makes you feeling good. Please share in the comment box below.